Dog Training Services


Obedience School for Dogs and More

At The Grainne Levine’s Institute for Wayward Dogs a deep understanding of dog psychology informs everything we do. Without getting inside the canine brain and appreciating the accompanying emotions and physical state— creating lasting behavioral change is not possible.

  • In-Depth Assessment
  • In-Home Training
  • Sleep-Away School
  • Puppy Boot Camp
  • Rescue Dog Rehabilitation

Dogs are unique, and each requires their own custom training curriculum, because behavior begins in the brain. My job as a dog behaviorist is to understand the history, motivations, and environment of each pupil. Only then can the real learning begin.

Learning the A, B, C’s of Dog Language

Just like people, dogs need to learn how to behave in the world. A disconnect happens because most people don’t appreciate that dogs speak a different language. So teaching them how to behave is not necessarily intuitive. That’s where we come in. When your dog becomes a student a The Grainne Levine Institute for Wayward Dogs, you can expect great things!

Effective Dog Training Starts With Self-Control

The foundation of all our Dog Obedience Training and Dog Behavior Training Programs is the idea of self-control. We believe that without it, dogs will eventually revert to their old ways.

When annoying behaviors go uncorrected, they escalate and eventually turn into a problem. At Grainne Levine’s Institute for Wayward Dogs we like dogs to think. This helps a dog retain their self-control, and teaches them to curtail annoying behavior before it becomes a habit. When this happens everyone is happy.

“There is nothing more exciting than watching the light bulb go off when a dog puts 2 and 2 together”

Dogs and People Speak Different Languages

What may be considered good manners for people can be interpreted as bad behavior by dogs. For example, looking someone in the eyes when speaking is considered courteous for humans. Gazing directly into the eyes of a dog, or leaning toward them, however, will be seen as a challenge to dominance. This can be a problem with fearful dogs. We simply speak a different language.

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