Meet Grainne Levine, Doggie Head Master

I grew up surrounded by horses, and have worked with them throughout my adulthood. My family is a 9th generation of horse trainers and dog lovers. My world has always been filled with lots and lots of dogs— just the way I like it.

Over the past decade I’ve been lucky to have worked with hundreds of shelter dogs over the years, defusing and training them. As a result I’ve seen every type of bad behavior imaginable.

Helping Shelter Dogs Heal

While the average canine professional sees maybe a handful of dogs each week, I see dozens. What’s more, I often see these poor souls pushed to their limits, exhibiting behaviors motivated by fear and defensiveness that sadly, are often misinterpreted as aggression.

I work with rescues and shelters to help them understand what is really going on in a dog’s head.

  Distinguished Member of:

Animal-behavior-college-NJ-dog-trainerAnimal Behavior College

apdt_logo pet dog trainerAssociation of Pet Dog Trainers

AKC Canine Good Citizen NJ-canine-good-citizen-dog-trainer-Advanced Obedience Award Winner


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