Benevolent Leadership and a No-Nonsense Approach

Nj-dog-whisperer-grainne-levineAt The Grainne Levine Institute for Wayward Dogs we take a no-nonsense approach to both our ur Dog Obedience Training and Dog Behavior Training Programs, using benevolent leadership as a way to motivate our canine students. Dogs learn to earn their rewards and respect their teachers and parents requests.

Benevolent leadership means using positive reinforcement as much as possible. This is always our preferred approach. We use techniques like withholding attention, because most dogs crave an owner’s attention more than just about anything else. If a dog is dangerous however, we use more direct, impactful approaches.

Our programs stress repetition and consistency for the student, as much as for the owner. For most of us, it’s easier to correct unwanted behavior, than it is to remember to reward good behavior.

Self- Control is Key

Effective dog training requires consistency. Dogs model behavior. If your reaction is consistent, then your dog will begin to anticipate the desired reaction, and eventually this response will become a habit.

This helps build the most important component of lasting behavioral change—self-control.

Dog Barking and Other Dog Behavior

In the same way, dogs can inadvertently learn negative habits via self-fulfilling behavior. For example when the mailman comes every day and your dog barks, the mailman leaves. Of course in reality the mailman is just dropping off the mail. To your dog however, barking is working fabulously, successfully chasing away this unannounced stranger. At other times, something more mundane like boredom or restlessness may be at play.

The toughest dogs to work with are those that don’t understand correction. Whether they are unsocialized or just over the top with their exuberance, nothing but self-control will permanently alter their behavior patterns.

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